Ready to Make More Money? If “Haul Yeah!” Is The Answer, Then Cargoos’s Load Board Is Your Next Stop

Cargoos Logistics load board lets drivers choose their next money-making adventure with a variety of destinations and transport goods

CHICAGO, Illinois (July 4, 2022)—Many drivers go into trucking because they enjoy the excitement and freedom of the open road and the chance to see the country. But for some who are tied to larger companies, their employers may dictate where to go and when to go. Chicago-based Cargoos is putting the fun and freedom back into logistics by empowering carriers to build their own over-the-road adventure with its load board.

Cargoos job board is the stuff hauling dreams are made of. Carriers can browse available gigs, select one that looks interesting, answer three easy questions, and send along their quote. The Cargoos team quickly reviews all incoming submissions and lets applications know if they got the gig. The process is quick and painless, taking a matter of seconds to secure work that is fun and fulfilling.

Following Cargoos on social media is the quickest way for carriers to learn about opportunities. The Cargoos team will post each available load on its Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Carriers can then go out to the load board and quickly apply for the gig.

“We’re constantly looking for ways for small- to-medium sized carriers to make more money and take on jobs that match their interests and needs,” said Jaymie Freeman, Cargoos Spokesperson. “We believe logistics shouldn’t be stuffy. That’s why we give partner carriers the chance to build an exciting career on their own terms through our load board.”

To learn more about Cargoos and say, “Haul Yeah!” to your next adventure, visit